• [SOLVED] Keyboard doesnt work properly.

    I have configured keyboard in Spanish but there something weird. Usually if you press ‘fn’ , number keyboar should work. Now ‘fn’ does nothing and it looks like ‘fn’ is always pressed.
    I mean if i press ‘j’,‘k’,‘l’,‘m’, write 1,2,3,0 as in keyboard number.
    any Idea?
    thank you

    ** Lo escribo es español por si a alguno le es mas facil.
    el problema es como si la tecla fn estuviera todo el tiempo pulsada sin estarlo ya que de echo ni siquiera funciona. Cuando pulso la tecla j en lugar de poner lo que debe escribe un uno como si el teclado numerico estuviese activado o algo.
    Alguna idea??

  • SOLVED!!!

    You have to press ‘fn’+‘Insert NumLK’ and everything is gonna work again.

    pd I dont know how to mark the post as Solved

  • nice to know you mannaged to fix it.
    Just edit the title adding [SOLVED]

  • @ARR said

    dont know how to mark the post as Solved

    Bottom RH corner in the “TOPIC TOOLS”. I ve marked it as solved…👍

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