• after install with cnchi, problems with grub (crypto_LUKS hdd)

    I have just install antergos in a crypto_LUKS hdd.
    the problem is that im not able to mount the partition.

    thank you in advance

  • @ARR
    We need more info in order to be able to help you.

    How did you install LUKS? With the installer? Did you use the automatic option?

    When grub menu appears , press ‘e’ and check your kernel loading line. It’s important to check the crypt parameter. Post it here if you want us to check it.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that you should check the /etc/crypttab file (you can check it from the live cd).

  • @karasu
    0_1474883482460_photo_2016-09-26_11-50-33.jpg 0_1474883489291_photo_2016-09-26_11-50-25.jpg

    Yes, i installed LUKS by default with the installer.
    grub menu does not appear so i cant press ‘e’.

    pd. I have a partition with win 7

  • finally ive reinstalled without crypto and now grub works fine.

    thank you

    **He acabado reinstalando sin encriptacion y parece que ahora va

  • I’ll test it anyways… it’s been a long time since I’ve tested it, but it should work as nobody has made any changes…

    Thanks for reporting it.

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