• Lost my Wayland option

    Here’s an issue that Google isn’t shining any light on… Looks like I’m going to have to ask people with a greater expertise than me.
    So, after my zfs pool decided to die, I decided to go the easy route and just clean reinstall Antergos with a new pool. (This is another issue entirely, just some backstory!)

    After initialising the new installation, with GNOME 3.20, I go to select “GNOME on Wayland” as I have issues with the X server implementation. Upon logging in, the computer thinks about it for a moment… and then dumps me straight back to the login screen. Type password, login screen goes away, login screen comes back. No DE.

    My first call is to replace the login manager with GDM, to see if the default GNOME login manager does a better job of it. But here’s where it gets more interesting… I’ve got no option for GNOME on Wayland at all! Just “GNOME” and “GNOME Classic”.
    Next up: trying to force GNOME to start with Wayland. I go to /etc/gdm/custom.conf and set WaylandEnable=true. Unlikely to do anything, but worth a shot.
    Lastly, I go to /etc/environment and append XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland to it. Nope, nothing.

    All the solutions are me just trying to patch together forum posts for various similar issues, but to no avail. Any more ideas? I’ll happily give out log files, if I’m told how to get 'em.

  • Hi, some time ago i read this post about Ubuntu

    Maybe this can help you about “screen loop”.

    Good luck

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks for that, but I’m afraid the problem isn’t to do with not being able to log in, as I can log into a normal X session just fine. The problem is trying to get into a Wayland session, which doesn’t seem to exist for some reason.

  • Hi, same problem here. Just installed weston and case solved.
    Do a sudo pacman -S weston

    Good luck!

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