• After suspending my laptop, it doesn't wake up!?


    It’s almost one month that I have switched to Antergos from Debian based linuxes. Everything works perfect, but in my case, I can not start the system after suspending it. This problem has happened recently, it means that I had not this problem on early days of using it. What do you suggest?

  • @sina Which desktop environment you use ? Did you perform any update between the moment it worked and now ?

  • I’ve got the same problem with fully updated Artergos and KDE Plasma.
    My laptop is Dell XPS 15

  • I rarely put it on suspend, so I tried it to see for myself. I confirm it on Gnome & KDE which I run. To be precise, it does wake up but Ic annot resume Internet connection. So I have to reboot. Is this what you are also experiencing or it completely fails to wake up?

  • UPDATE: It must be hardware related. I tested it on 3 different machines with different behavor on each one of them!

  • @RoToRx88 I’m using Gnome desktop and the system I’m using is Asus K series. The point is that after pressing a button to wake up the system, it just shows a black screen and I think it’s more related to Nvidia driver.

  • @sina Did you tried with mesa drivers ?
    Do you have access to tty after the resume when you are on the black screen ?

  • @RoToRx88 Sometimes yes. I was used to use “sudo service lightdm restart” command to restart the screen on ubuntu if I had the same problem. But it didn’t work here.

  • @sina , what happens if you press the power button momentarily & firmly? This is how I wake one of my machines up (My issue of losing Internet connection disappeared when I tried again today).

  • @anarch If I press the power buttin momentarily it will only wake up and if I press it firmly, it will turn off system in an unusual way which I think it’s basically common thing on any system.
    By the way, after a usual update my system wakes up after suspension.

  • @sina said :

    if I press it firmly, it will turn off system in an unusual way

    Sorry, I got lost in translation. By “firmly” I meant “decisively”, not prolonged (keeping it pressed".
    Anyway, since the issue was finally got fixed, do you think it can be marked as SOLVED?

  • @anarch I will wait to see that it’s solved temporarily or for a long-term. Then I will decide :)

  • Ok, let us know, then…👍

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