• another Dual Boot issue...

    Hey all

    I newly installed antargos yesterday on a fresh system. I switched from manjaro kde and im pretty happy with the gnome setup on antargos.
    Anyway, i have two SSDs in my rig and installed antargos on 1 and today i installed windows 10 on the other. I saw that antargos installs grub2 by default so i thought ill installed windows after installing antargos.

    Now i dont really want o screw it up because im not so familiar with this. On google you see tons of setups to install a dualboot with windows first installed, but not the other way around and since i choosen the boot on the antargos install to be the SSD with linux on it and windows jut creates its own. so now im a bit confused on where ill be able to update grub.

    can anybody help me on this problem?

    Thanks and sorry for posting another dual boot issue.

  • Windowz, installed after Linux, inevitably destroys Linux bootloader. Windowz must be 1st installed, after that it is possible to install Linux.

    If you want to have both Linux and Windowz (why?), follow the rule of three F, FFF. Windowz must be:

    1. the first installed OS
    2. in the first partition
    3. of the first internal hard disk

    Windowz ignores the existence of any other OS on Earth. Linux does not.

  • ok thanks. i guess ill just live with the fact that i just need to boot linux by going in the bios boot menu and selecting that drive.

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