• Error writing /etc/fstab: Permission denied ]

    i am trying two ato mont my 2nd hd and i am geting this Error writing /etc/fstab: Permission denied ]

    ![alt text](image url)0_1474355030914_upload-f06ae57d-42e9-4fa9-be88-81522f2cefa7

  • HI,

    I noticed that your mixed the slashes in this line:

    Any particular reason for it?

    I think it should be:

  • @nomko thanks i have no clue what i am doing i ways try go by a video i found

  • i cant save it all i get is this Error writing /etc/fstab: Permission denied ]

  • Do you edit the file as root-user? I don’t think you can edit the fstab file as a normal/regular user without root privileges:

  • ok i got it i mesd up i forgot a step my brain head a fart lol

  • @nomko thanks for you help

  • @thuginc No problem! Glad i could help you.

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