• writing on usb stick only as root?

    Hi, i can’t copying files from my laptop to usb-stick as normal user (write prtotect error). As root i can copying files to usb-stick. What’s wrong?

    ThinkPad x200 with Antergos

  • @Danica_Talos you probably dont have read write for your username.

    you need to do something like this
    sudo chown -R myname:users /media/usb

    of course change the myname and users for your username and find your usb location.

    i would probably first format the usb gparted always works good. then chown it.

  • @Danica_Talos said in writing on usb stick only as root?:

    …As root i can copying files to usb-stick…

    If there are other partitions on the disk, not mounted through /etc/fstab, can you access them as a regular user, for example, in file manager? Or you’re asked for the root password on the first access to them?

  • Hello,

    The correct way to do this is to add yourself (or the user you want) to the usb storage group.
    You just need to edit /etc/group and add something like this :


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