• Problem with an update today of the Vivaldi browser.

    I don’t think I have ever had an issue where the application appears to update then disappears. I tried to remove Vivaldi and re-install and it seems to be fine but it will not launch.

    Any ideas how to proceed would be great.

  • @opalepatrick yes i also just updated and having the same issue. im guessing some kind of bug in the new version. hopefully a new update comes along soon.

  • Thanks megaman… I will keep watching. I think it is the best browser I have used.

  • @opalepatrick Vivaldi has some nice features. i think they are still in beta releases not much a surprise this happened.

  • @opalepatrick
    hi, i noticed the same, the Vivaldi menu shortcut (probably, since i’m newbie) has the incorrect path.
    You should execute the file (vivaldi) from /opt/vivaldi/
    You can move it to your panel or desktop and use it, not the one from menu bar.

  • Spotted fernando. That will do for the moment :-)

  • i’m glad i could help you :p

  • OK, Vivaldi is now in updates and sorts the original issue. Speedy!

  • @opalepatrick that was very fast :)

  • Vivaldi, just another chromium clone. There are so many of them. All are ressource hogs.

  • Actually not totally true. The reason I switched to Vivaldi was precisely for that reason. I did like chromium browsers but not the resource usage. Basically, Vivaldi doesn’t cache tabs. It will reload the tab when you click on it. Much better if not exactly pared down :-)

  • So if it’s no chromium clone, why can you use chrome and add ons with it?

  • I can see how if you scan my answer you may come to that conclusion. However if you read it properly you can see that I am refuting the point that you make regarding resource hogging, not whether it is based on chromium.

  • my favourite browser is Opera, is the fastest on win xp, win 10 and in all the linux distros i tested, including Antergos (my default OS).

    Vivaldi is interesting, since uses chromium as a base, but merge Opera funcionalities, and it’s open source. And yes, you can install Google Chrome’s plugins, but i think Vivaldi is a little slow for some things.

  • Opera is based on blink/chromium as well now isn’t it fernandomaroto?

  • @fernandomaroto
    Vivaldi is not completely open source.

  • @opalepatrick yes i believe so

  • @Jeannie____ said in Problem with an update today of the Vivaldi browser.:

    Vivaldi is not completely open source.


  • i thought it was entirely open source… sorry

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