• Not able to update

    So I’ve been trying to update but keep getting this message usr/share/applications exists in both cmake and firefox-beta. And then it cancels the transaction. I have tried to force the upgrade with no success.

  • never do a Brute force update, if force its gona be individual packages…

    but depends what its exist…

    dont know how much lines it gives, you can package firefox-beta with bacman if you have no backup,

    if it tells if it exist, sudo rm /xxx/xxx.xx can do the job ?

    like : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/pacman#.22Failed_to_commit_transaction_.28conflicting_files.29.22_error

    but, you see package: and some paths of liberary’s , firefox-beta is zelf compiled ?? would atleast take a backup, cmake is from upstream, mayby removal some pieces can do… but for firefox-beta is not upstream would make a backup if possible…

  • Remove firefox-beta and use firefox, please.

    sudo pacman -Rnsc firefox-beta
    sudo pacman -S firefox

    I’d guess that there is something wrong with that package…

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