I have a Lenovo Y40-80 with all the Antergos updates installed. This issue happens to me on Antergos, as well as other distributions of Linux like Ubuntu, however this did not happen to me back when I ran Windows.

Whatever process is responsible for calculating battery life is vastly off with my battery. Starting from 100%, my battery will drain normally, until somewhere around 70 or 65%, where my system will immediately suspend as it now immediately thinks my battery is at 1%. This is clearly not true, as I’ve manually awoken my machine from suspension and continued to use it, even when the XFCE power manager says I’m at 0% battery. One time I was able to use my laptop for another 2 and a half hours before the system shut down, i.e. the battery ACTUALLY ran out of power.

Since this happens on multiple Linux distros, I figured I’d post it in the Kernel/Hardware section of the forum. This has occurred on multiple kernels, ranging from the newest 4.7.2 Antergos kernel back to the 4.2.X Ubuntu 14.04 LTS kernels, the earliest Ubuntu/Linux distro I’ve ran on my laptop.

As I am typing this post, I’ve been using my laptop for about 10 minutes now with the system thinking the battery is at 0%. If I were to shut down my laptop, I actually wouldn’t be able to power it back up again without plugging it in (the battery LED indicator just blinks orange without the laptop turning on), as for some reason it even seemingly gets the BIOS thinking my battery is dead.

As a side note, I don’t recall this always happening. Early installs of Linux on my machine back when I first got this laptop were fine from what I recall. I can’t exactly remember when this started happening, all I know is out of the blue it just started happening at one point. Also take note this laptop has never had any physical damage done to it. I’ve never dropped it or bumped it into anything, or otherwise done anything that could’ve physically damaged any sensors or other parts. Other than normal wear and tear and minor scuffs here and there around the keyboard area, it is seemingly in perfect condition.

Attached are the log files I was told to get by the pinned post.
[0_1473634982037_logs.tar](Uploading 100%)

EDIT: I don’t think I got the logs archive to upload using the forum tool, so here’s a mirror I have on my Mega account: https://mega.nz/#!BkdDBbzS!ogy6P2R99u5weJX6FvVt-uUo6XJ3poZZMzI7xam5XCk