• Originally gnome, installed kde-meta yesterday, now no audio in kde.

    Hello, as the title says, I installed kde with pacman, and cannot for the life of me get audio working. I installed the phonon-gstreamer backend, and the plasma-pa package. Phonon shows in the settings menu.

    As I write this, I notice that gnome-shell’s audio is broken now as well. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • so if you have pavucontrol installed, you can try from there.
    Remember, do not start pavucontrol with root privileges. Just as regular user. You can enable audio output from there.

    You could also mute all your channels with alsamixer as a start.
    Once your there, you’d make the make default device 0 card.

    Also, in a situation like this, one of the 1st things you’d want to do is list some hardware specifics such as your sound cards.
    You’d do that with listing what you have in etc/asound.conf

    Do iplay -l -L

    Do you have speakers connected? You don’t say much as to what you have. Information like this is somewhat helpful. So post information pertaining to that as well. Because if you do have speakers, you need to say if they’re connected to your HDMI port or a jack connector.

    Is pulseaudio installed in /usr/bin/

    Also, post some other information about your system. Do lspci -nn and post the output.
    And please use the correct code tags when posting output. You output should be in black as mine above are. It makes your output a bit more readable.

    Have a great day, too! :)

    Finally, I probably won’t be able to respond to this thread till maybe about a week or so as I’ll be elsewhere (not the Internet).
    Sorry, it’s called “Life”
    So hopefully someone else will respond to this thread to be able to help you out.

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