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    So, I just downloaded the “Linux” drivers for a printer at my office. It’s set up on the network and–for whatever it’s worth–setting it up in Windows is as simple as running the .exe and letting it find the printer’s IP on the network.

    The file I downloaded is a .zip, Ark doesn’t have a problem opening it to reveal that the archive contains a .tar and “Read Me.txt.” which reads:

    Linux/Cups PPD Drivers for
    	MX-6240N, MX-7040N
    	MX-6500N, MX-7500N
    	MX-M654, MX-M754
    	MX-M904, MX-M1054, MX-M1204
    Ver: sharp-1.4-mx-c37-ps.tar.gz

    Where do I go from here if I want to start printing form that printer in the office?

  • @scapegoatwax
    I can only refer to what worked for my printer. Some, if not all DEs are able to search and load the needed drivers through Printer settings. When adding a new printer, it should automatically download the needed drivers, or you first have to select your printer from the supported printers list. If not already, install system-config-printer. This will make life a lot easier.
    You can also try to change settings in your browser. Add this to the address box:

    Also, like with my printer, some do not work well with Foomatic. In that case uninstall Foomatic. I always make sure I have Gutenprint and Cups installed.

    Hope this will get you going.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply. I ended up digging around a bit and managed to get it working on my own! Though I’d probably have to figure it out all over again if I were to do it again…

    I extracted the .zip and then it had another archive inside of the .tar(.gz?). After doing a Russian-Doll extraction procedure which was pretty reminiscent of a Windows endeavor because I was using Dolphin (KDE Plasma). I managed to find an application called install. I ran it as an administrator in terminal and it ended up opening a Windows-style installer. That seems to have hooked me up with all the necessary driver information.

    Then, under System Settings -> Printers I eventually set the printer up via IP address (socket://printerip) and am able to print!

    I’d still be interested in learning the “proper”/terminal way to do this. I have another Antergos computer in the office I play around with after hours (like now) that I can try setting the printer up on and could even practice serving the printer to other computers.

  • @scapegoatwax
    Glad it worked out well.

    If you want to know more about printer settings and Cups, this is a the Arch Wiki page about Cups and printers.
    link text

  • @scapegoatwax depending on your printer model the driver will install automatically from your printer app.

    ive used all sorts of makes and models and always easy install.

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