• X Server freezes in games

    It might be something with X server or the game itself but sometimes when I play Minecraft on my laptop with Antergos, the whole thing freezes and I have to power down hard or press ctrl + alt + backspace to restart X server. I don’t want to reinstall it if I don’t have too.


    Xsession log

    journalctl log

  • @thomas.morehead131 From your logs I assume you are using KDE as DE (correct me if I am wrong). I used KDE for some time too and experienced exactly the same issue, especially when playing with mods and forge under heavy load. It begins with small FPS drops and stuttering, and after a while the whole DE hangs, I can’t do anything and the display doesn’t change anymore, it then seems like it just hang up. Under the same configuration without KDE, under a different DE (maybe Xfce, but I am not sure) I had installed previously, these hang ups did not happen, so I think it is somehow KDE related. Generally, I would recommend you to use a different DE for gaming, because KDE is compared to others really CPU and memory expensive.

  • Well, the KDE Plasma DE is installed but I use XFCE4 and it still freezes, sometimes I can wait but sometimes it never comes back. Totally random but it does happen.

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