• Black screen with new iso

    I’ve tested your new iso (2016.09.03) on 3 different computers :

    2 of them have an nvidia gtx 970 : the dvd (full or minimum) boot in uefi only mode, but I never get a desktop screen :
    And Ctrl Alt F1 or F2, etc, does not open a new console.
    So I must power off these computers.

    On the third one : Intel graphics : I can see the desktop at the end of boot, but error because no network in wifi only mode (admin password missing)
    So, I also have to power off.

  • … and the fallback or non graphical option choices give an error (kernel files or initramfs missing if my memory is good)

  • Having the exact same issue with the ISO downloaded via ISO HTTP Link or torrent. Eventually get an error that initramfs not found under /EFI.

  • Yep, ISO definitely broken. P8Z77-V and GTX 1070 here.

    Edit: Hmm, boots from DVD but not an SD card.

  • hi.
    This one might work (it’s an older version but workable)

    If not that one, then linuxtracker- Antergos

  • I actually synced the ISO to an SD card again and it worked fine this time. Loving Antergos, btw. I tried Manjaro but ran into a number of bugs that I don’t have with an Antergos OOBE.

  • @dnblg
    Did you checked the .iso integrity when you fisrt downloaded? In case no, i’d suggest you to download the .iso again and check its integrity sha256, md5sum etc.

  • Hi,
    I have exactly the same probleme, also with a GTX 970. I would add that the black screen come after “Loading linux kernel” loading bar, it works fine on another computer. I have tried with an older image, the only one that works is the 29.12.2015 one, or older but with this one I can’t get cnchi starting.

    In addition, I have also tried apricityos, which is another archlinux distro with GUI install and I have more or less the same probleme but Debian works fine. So I’m supposing it came from Archlinux rather than Antergos itself.

  • @SimonKenoby , tried to start in the mode nomodeset (Kernel Mode Setting on settings grub 2, delete quiet splash and paste nomodoset) ?

  • @tuxnot Tanks you, every thing seem to work fine now.

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