I have tried the full and minimal iso dated 2016.09.03 both give same problem on PC/Laptop hardware and Virtualbox. Starts up and states “looking for cnchi updates” like normal. That message disappears then when cnchi normally loads a popup window stating “Authentication Required” as header then states “Authentication is needed to run ‘/user/share/cnchi/bin/cnchi’ as the super user.” Then it has a user field as “antergos” and asks for password.

I have been installing Antergos for the past 6 months and I have never seen this before.
I have tried the following passwords with no luck… ‘antergos, live, password,(blank).’ .

I also tried both of the “ISO Refresh 2016.09.03” on the blog(blog/iso-refresh-2016-09-03/) on Hardware and Virtualbox with no luck.

I could wait until 2016.09.04 is released and hope this goes away but I would rather ask in case it is in the next iso.

UPDATE: retried iso in virtualbox 30min after posting and it is now working. I have shutdown and restarted 3 times and it now works. I have no idea how. This is the refreshed iso which I tested 7 times on hardware and virtualbox with no luck before creating this post.

Retried on laptop(hardware) same issue until i thought I might plug in ethernet. I plugged in ethernet and super user window dissappeared and cnchi loaded and worked. So maybe first issue is fixed but the only problem I can find now is the issue with laptops with no ethernet and only wifi.