• Budgie Desktop + Antergos?

    Didn’t know where to ask this but my title says it all. Will Antergos add Budgie as a desktop option in the near future upon fresh install? They already have some pretty solid support. https://solus-project.com/budgie/
    Also I was able to have it running and themed pretty easily.
    All I did was:

    yaourt -S budgie-desktop
    yaourt -S gnome-control-panel
    Then for theming:
    yaourt -S gtk-theme-arc
    yaourt -S moka-icon-theme-git (for faba theme)

    Here’s some screenshots. I also added one with the Numix theme that Antergos loves using :)

  • Honestly I don’t currently see an issue with Budgie itself. Tested all the settings and everything seems to work. Now Solus itself is still a WIP but the budgie desktop runs very smoothly on Arch as I believe that’s partly the platform they develop it on. Just wondering if it’s in consideration since it has become more stable and has a small footprint.

    Also let me know when KDE stops breaking in terms of it’s taskbar, or Gnome 3 in terms of it’s shell extensions, or xfce in terms of it’s compositing ect ect.

  • @linuxhelmet , @Jeannie__ obviously means that Budgie uses Gnome s stsck. Mext month Gnome 3.22 is released, as you know, definately something is going to break…

  • Has it broken with each gnome stack upgrade? I was unaware that this had happened as I was using budgie from 3.18 to the shift to 3.20 when that occurred and noticed no breakage. Of course then again wouldn’t Gnome 3 break on upgrade as well? Also noticed bug reports are welcome from other distros on the budgie github. Just something to consider.

    If it’s breakage prone though I don’t wish it upon the developers of Antergos. I just saw this environment as light and sleek and potentially a good addition for Antergos. That and it’s been around for nearly 3 years at version 10.2.6 but if it’s not an option that Antergos wants to pursue I understand.

  • Thanks for clearing this up to me Jeannie_ I had no idea how much of a issue the current GTK3 is and how much of an issue the future releases may be. I’ll see what the budgie dev’s thoughts and plans are on the matter. I’ll keep an eye out on the matter.

  • Budgie looks really great! Looks like somewhat as the Deepin Desktop Environment. I love to give Budgie a try. Any helpful sites out there on the internet that can be handy?

  • Well nomko you could always go to the official site for Budgie and learn more about it. They even have an OS dedicated to it.


    Solus top

    Outside of that you could look up reviews on it I guess?
    As for install on Arch I think it’s just the following for the full experience but I may be wrong as I don’t know which gnome apps exactly are used in budgie and which aren’t.

    sudo pacman -S budgie-desktop
    sudo pacman -S gnome-control-panel
    sudo pacman -S gnome-extra gnome-tweak-tool

    I also think budgie is using the gdm login manager:

    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl enable gdm

    I THINK this is what you would need to set everything up from base for budgie but I haven’t looked super hard into it as I was just tinkering around with it :P

  • Budgie uses lightdm as default with gnome-screensaver for screen locking.

  • just make sure you have latest arc theme :p as i know solus is rolling so otherway gtk 3.22 would be fast enough to come. probably some minor bug but wit cinnamon is always watching

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