• hdmi problem

    i have my pc hocked to a tv vial hdmi wen i turn off the tv then turn it back on all i see is a blue screan

  • Hi,

    I understand that moving the mouse has no effect.

    When you see the blue screen, try changing terminal with CTRL+ALT+F2 and then CTRL+ALT+F1, does it have any effect?


  • @karasu wen i turn it off and back on its working now but it keeps changing my scren siz

  • I’m sorry but I have no idea whatsoever of what could be causing this.

    Let’s hope somebody can help

  • @karasu it fix it sealf dont know what ways doing it but its working know

  • @karasu i did that and it ways saying invald planeal so i just went and got a dsipoly to hdmi covetr no no more isso

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