• black screen after booting mate with muti DE's

    hi guys, i’ve installed mate after cinnamon and kde on my laptop now when i boot mate it just showed me black screen but some notifications are displaying on top right corner what can i do, i cant reboot then entered physical terminal and rebooted to KDE , i installed mate through “yaourt -S mate” pzz folks help this ?

  • Please post more information. What is on your screen when you try to boot?

  • the screen is like A COMPLETE BLACK SCREEN WITH NOTHING BUT A CURSOR RIGHT CLICK DOESNT SHOW UP ANYTHING , ON TOP RIGHT A SMALL RECTANGULAR NOTIFICATION AS “WIFI CONNECTED” AND MY DOCKY PANEL ON THE RIGHT SIDE apps in the docky panel seems to work, i cant post pic. cuz i fixed it by reinstalling mate and shutting down and on back got clear mate session

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