• Can antergos take over an arch install, by switching repos?

    I have arch installed, like it except for stability issues. While wiping it and installing antergos is possible I’d rather not have to do that. Would it be possible to change to the antergos repos and let them take over as packages need updating?

  • @henrythemouse I believe essentially what Antergos is after cnchi installs it is Arch + the repos + the things you can do easily with cnchi in the beginning ofc. So mostly yes, just put the Antergos repo above base and community and all that jazz and you’re mostly there :)

  • I believe that arch and antergos are using practically the same repositories except that antergos has its own repository to make antergos work and look as it is (e.g. yaourt is not in arch repo and with arch you have to build it, but antergos includes that in its own repo). Which means you are not going to get a more stable system with antergos. Arch is stable if you configure it right. What antergos does is that it configures things for you. If you want a more “stable” arch based system, go for manjaro. It is using repositories of its own.

    It is not guaranteed that things will work if you add the antergos repository and update the system. IMO, it won’t work. You have to manually install the components that are neccessary to make it feel like antergos. Otherwise, it’s just arch with a custom pacman repo, which doesn’t do much.

    If you are new to arch, and don’t want to do arch the hard way, just try installing antergos with live media. It’s the best method.

  • Also, since arch repos are using the newest sources, adding the antergos repo and and update will not do anything for you.

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