• bash: pygmentize: command not found

    I’ve install python-pygments and afterwards python2-pygments, but when I run “pygmentize -g text.txt”, I get message “bash: pygmentize: command not found”.
    Is there any issue that I have to be aware in order to run this command?
    Is there any other solution for colorizing output in terminal? I planned to use pygmentize instead of cat command, because all the text in output of cat command is the same color.
    I am using latest and up to date Antergos with Gnome desktop.
    I’ve tried also to find it with the “which pygmentize” and “whereis pygmentize” with no luck.
    Thank you.

  • You got the wrong package. You want to install pygmentize:
    sudo pacman -S pygmentize


  • @karasu That did the job. Thanks a lot!

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