• Video Conversion MPS to standard video file format.

    I have a Canon Video camera that produces video in mps file format. My problem is that I have not done any video conversion or editing under LInux. Does anyone know the name of a program, that will convert the mps file format to the standard mpeg4 file format? I plan on using VLC to view the converted file. Thanks for your help


  • Have you tried ffmpeg? (it’s command line, but I use it a lot to extract audio from video)

    This post has nice examples (you can use vlc to convert videos, too, I didn’t know xD):


  • karasu:
    thank you for your reply. The comment about vlc did it for me. Winff came up with a error about unknow lib file/formant? But VLC is happyly converting my mts files to mp4. Thanks so much.


  • Glad it helped ;)


  • Finally I find this thread about MPS conversion. I just want to ask you a question guys, would you mind, yesterday i found this article of HD crack when I was searching on the internet since I want to convert my files into MPS, http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/hd-crack.html, as you can see in the article, they say they will send me the registration key after sending them an email. I have done that, but until today, I do not get the activation code that they promised. Do you guys know any other way to get a free code because I really need it?

  • Maybe it’s better to start a new thread, but have you tried to contact them another way, like Twitter? It could be that your email address blocks their content.

  • @bpoerwo Finally I got it, when I did on another PC.

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