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    Hopefully this is in the correct section but here goes, I have recently installed antergos after 6 months of using linux and really like file manager nemo however I can not figure out how to change the default file manager from nautilus in the gnome desktop. I have read the arch wiki, youtube, google the usual places but for the life of me it isn’t changing. I already installed nemo and can get it to start from terminal but some tutorials I have followed is not making it permanent. Thanks for helping a linux noob out.

  • Nice question.

    There are two answers to it.

    1. Install Antergos-Cinnamon. Nemo is the default file manager in Cinnamon. The easiest solution.

    2. Replace Nautilus with Nemo in Antergos-Gnome3. Your case. Harder to achieve. But still possible.

    If you opt for the 2nd, the hard and longer way, please, post back the output of the command

    xdg-mime query default inode/directory

    In default Antergos-Gnome3 installation it looks like:

    $ xdg-mime query default inode/directory


  • when I put in that command it says “nemo.desktop” however when I click the files icon it still brings up nautilus.

  • @sc954rr The default Files icon in Favorites (Dock) continues to point to Nautilus. This is correct.

    You should add to Favorites another icon, which will point to Nemo.

    Simply hit the Super key and start typing in nemo. Gnome 3 will find the Nemo application and will display its icon in Applications Overview:
    alt text

    Drag the Nemo icon with the mouse and drop it to the dock.

    Nemo works nicely in Antergos-Gnome3:
    alt text
    Nemo in action

    If you want to remove the Nautilus icon from the dock, right-click on it and select “Remove from Favorites” from the popup menu:
    alt text
    Removing Nautilus (Files) icon

  • Thank you Just, worked like a charm!

  • Nemo is awesome with the little disk usage bars beneath drive names. Nautilus needs such intuitive features --maybe Gnome dev-heads will read this…

    Here’s to hoping.
    Post is over due, but the point remains relevant IMO.

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