I run KDE 5.7.3 + Antergos. I am having an annoying problem: The KDE KickOff application launcher sometimes crashes while I am typing to search for an application by its name. It first freezes, then the entire panel vanishes, then the panel returns to the desktop. I only have one widget. I removed it, but the problem did not go away. I have also disabled “Expand search to bookmarks, files and emails” under Application Launcher Settings. The problem persists. Removing the panel and creating a new one did not help either. I am using the standard Breeze theme. After struggling with this issue for a while, I changed the menu style to “Application Dashboard”. Interestingly, Plasma does not crash when I use Dashboard. My notebook has an Intel integrated graphics card and I am not using proprietary drivers. The only two desktop effects I activated were: (i) Desktop cube and (ii) Magic lamp. I disabled them and the crashes did not go away. This is what I have in Compositor (enabled on startup): Animation speed: medium, Scale method: Accurate, Rendering backend: OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL interface: GLX, Tearing prevention (“vsync”): Automatic, Keep window thumbnails: Only for Shown Windows.

[EDIT] Output of Plasma restart and kmenuedit:

[email protected] ~ $ kbuildsycoca5 && kquitapp plasmashell && kstart plasmashell
kbuildsycoca5 running…
Reusing existing ksycoca
Recreating ksycoca file ("/home/cribari/.cache/ksycoca5_en_8IY5ioL5shKF0ypDOCphP99mkYg=", version 303)
Still in the time dict (i.e. deleted files) (“apps”)
Menu “applications-kmenuedit.menu” not found.
kstart(6146) main: Omitting both --window and --windowclass arguments is not recommended

[email protected] ~/.config/menus $ kmenuedit
kf5.kcoreaddons.kaboutdata: Could not initialize the equivalent properties of Q*Application: no instance (yet) existing.
kf5.kcoreaddons.kaboutdata: QGuiApplication::desktopFileName “” is out-of-sync with KAboutData::applicationData().desktopFileName “org.kde.kmenuedit”