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    I’ve just install Antergos and I got the hibernation issue. I’ve found the solution but I can’t solve the problem because I can’t install grub, when I try to do it, it says:

    -bash: grub-install: order not found

    I can’t enter to the system because of this problem. Please help!


  • Check that you have grub installed:
    sudo pacman -S grub

  • @karasu said in Install grub:

    It gives me

    error: the operation could not start ( failed to block the database )
    error: failed to block the database: the file already exists
      if you are sure that a package manager is not running , you can remove /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
  • Check that you don’t have pamac or octopi already running (gui programs for pacman).
    If you have one of them running, close it and try again.
    If you are totally sure that they are not running, you can safely delete that file and try again.

  • @karasu it worked, thank you so much.

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