After recently re-installing Antergos on my desktop with Gnome I have been experiencing some weird issues where sometimes I cannot get an IPv4 address and only gets an IPv6 even though I have disabled IPv6 in openWRT (ISP doesn’t have IPv6 enabled). But then after a few reboots I will be able to get an IPv4 address and so then I am able to get to the internet again. Also, If I enter in a static ip address into Network Manager it works just fine. The weird part is that this is the only device on my network which has issues, I have even made Network Manager use dhclient in the config to try and see if the built-in has issues.

I did re-install Antergos on my laptop a few days before my desktop, but it has only had this issue once. I have even tried using an external USB Ethernet adapter on my Desktop, but that doesn’t fix anything.

Hopefully someone knows of a way I could fix this issue.