• Bunch of stuff is broken (ex: Gnome context menu paddings too large.)

    I am not sure if this is an issue or it’s by design, but either way it looks ugly.
    Here is a screenshot of the menu, alt text

    Is there any way to fix this?

    EDIT: It seems that a lot of stuff is broken…
    One more thing, do you guys know why i can’t see topicons in tweaks tool under extensions when i installed gnome-shell-extension-topicons and gnome-shell-extension-topicons-plus-git, and restarted, but nothing is there, why?

    How do you turn on natural scrolling that actually works, because this is not working:
    alt text

    I used antergos before, but greeter has become unusable slow. When i click the date, 10s pass for sure, sometimes even longer…

    If you can’t manage that many DMs, maybe it’s time to focus on one and make it actually good.

  • @seemsindie My gnome with antergos has no problem at all. Your problems basicly based on themes.
    Some themes use up big spaces some not.

  • @louis_1 I knew you gonna say that, happens with default theme too, all of these issues.

    here is default theme: alt text

  • @seemsindie Glad to know you knew what I want to say. Shall i say nothing in the future to you? You will know it anyway :)

  • @louis_1 Nope, i was guessing because i installed arc theme(in hope to fix this…)
    I am wide open to suggestions :)

  • @seemsindie I can’t help you with this because I don’t think its a problem with antergos. It is how gnome-shell looks. I have no trouble with.

  • you can always open Firefox and extentions.gnome website and look for topicons look if that can change? extentions get updated also by gnome…

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