• Mate broken after fresh install

    (I’m posting this while on XFCE4) I installed Antergos fresh and wanted to try out the Mate desktop as it is from the install media because they always seem like the best setup then I can do, but with the new media (2016.7.19) I have a dark grey bar up top which is empty, and a normal blue background, but with no interface other than that, so everything is just blank. Need some help here :(, I tried looking at some others which had a similar issue but I think it ultimately wasn’t the same solution because mine is directly from the live media so I think the Mate install from the media is broken. (I have updated as well)

    I tested this with my integrated graphics and my nvidia graphics by the way, neither was different

    PS: I keep trying to upload my logs but it says I don’t have permission, and I can’t upload an image because it’s too large, so just gonna have links below: the tar has my logs from the which the stickied post says to post when asking for help, just click the folder with the dot then click logs, sorry I’m not sure how the file tree got like that, but the logs are there!
    Photo from my phone

    Thank you for any help!

  • @n_mag I have had the same experience. I realized that two panels were covering each other. Right click on the panel and move it or delete it. If it is what I think it is, you will see the default panel under it. When using two panels, just move the covering panel to an other location on your screen and add items to it. You can always add other panels later.

    I think this is a (small) bug in the default Antergos Mate settings.

  • @axioma thank you I’ll try this tonight as soon as I can, thanks for the help

  • @axioma So it worked and all is well so far, just annoying I don’t have everything as the Antergos installer would normally setup everything because I like the fresh setup which was what I was going for but oh well I guess… I keep trying to with Antergos to get a setup I’m going to stick with but it keeps failing me with cnchi and the other stuff, just so many bugs :(

  • @n_mag I agree, the Cnchi installer seems to have a live on its own. I just had to reinstall Antergos yesterday, but it went without a glitch.

    To set up your panel in Mate should be easy. Install Mate-tweak from AUR (enable in Pacman settings). Here you will find some pre-settings or you can save your own panel lay-out. You will also be able to remove the desktop icons and enable/disable desktop right click.

  • @axioma I tried installing mate-tweak but it kept asking about removing other apps in favor of there gtk3 counterparts which I can’t do since the Antergos Maté is gtk2 apparently. I did try simply installing mate-desktop-gtk3 and all the other stuff but I just couldn’t get everything working right. I’ve decided I liked cinnamon much more because either had the perfect applet I’ve been looking for. The applet basically mimics the windows 7 pinning function with app grouping to an icon instead of a bunch of Windows. This also reuses the icon for the grouping and stuff so everything stays really neat and organized so I love it, and cinnamon and maté have a lot in common already so I think I’m gonna stick with cinnamon for now 😊

  • In such a case it would be nice to mark the topic as [Solved], wouldn’t it?

    Did it for you.

    You may mark it as [Unsolved] back again at any time, if you wish.

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