• Removing Favorites from Application Dashboard

    I’m trying to remove the whole section. Removing individual favorites is easy enough. But I want the whole section gone so it looks more along the lines of Gnomes application dashboard or OSXs.

  • @Grahf So do you want it only to function to only show running applications? The Dock to Dash settings allow you to “show running applications” and also you can disable showing favorites instead of you having to remove them from favorites, because I know that’s used elsewhere.

  • No I don’t need it to show running applications either. I would like to disable showing favorites. How do I do that?

  • @Grahf sorry for the late reply! You can just right click on the dock and go to settings and you should see all the options buddy. There’s a check box for a few things like “show running processes” and “show favorites” and stuff 👍

  • @n_mag Im sorry that’s not true. There is no option or show or not show favorites

  • @Grahf you use gnome 3.20 and the dash to dock extension right? Hmmm I could have sworn that’s where it was. When I can I can check it out but there’s also the settinga for each individual extension in the gnome-tweaks tool

  • I use KDE…

  • @n_mag But it doesn’t matter since I found a program called Slingscold. It works just like the KDE launcher except no favorites.

  • @Grahf sorry about that, i saw in the OP about gnome applications so I assumed you were using Gnome mybad, but glad you found what you were looking for

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