• Unreal engine games issues

    I have texture issues in Goat Simulator on Catalyst drivers from the arch wiki. My issuses are title menu map has texture stretching to the sky, and yes direct rendering is on and everything. My Radeon HD 7420G drivers are working but I don’t get it at all.

    I should mention that other 3D games like Half Life games or others work fine, it’s just unreal based games. I am installing Bioshock Infinite from Steam for a second unreal game test. It’s only Goat Sim, Bioshock Infinite works with some minor GFX glitches but playable

  • @thomas.morehead131 Strange, have you tried any launch options to see what can help? I saw this and the last FAQ about texture might be relevant: link

  • @n_mag I already had the two commands for texture issues on linux installed, Bioshock Infinite is 99% working, just some corrupt transparent red box above some peoples heads.

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