• How to install new icon themes

    Hi! I’ve been distro hopping for about a week and it’s driving me crazy. There seems to be a problem with every distro! Although I love antergos the most so far I’m having some issues. Right now I’m running the KDE desktop environment. My only issue so far is that installing new icon themes is a little tricky. For example, https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/vivacious-colors. I download the .tar.gz file and when I look at it in my downloads folder it’s no longer a .tar.gz file. I try to install new icon themes from system settings and it tells me “file not found” for 90% of them I try to install. Can anyone point me in the right direction to install new icon themes please? It was so easy with Ubuntu.

  • in a terminal: yaourt Vivacious Colors Icon Theme select 1 and 2 and install

  • Thank you!! I’m reinstalling Antergos now. Had to make sure I really didn’t like Kubuntu :)

    Installer is going really slow at downloading fonts from google. less than 10Kbps :(

    Do you know what icon theme I’m looking at right now on Gnome while the installer does its thing? Is it papyrus?

  • Wow the fonts are going to take hours. Last time it took minutes. Thanks google!

  • @Grahf anything from the AUR I would always suggest use yaourt (assuming you “enabled” the AUR when you installed the system). If you type yaourt [package] it will give you a list to choose from and you just type the number[s] and it goes. Very easy!

  • Sweet. Yaourt [packages] could keep my busy for a few days… Wow lots of stuff.

    Before I dedicate myself to KDE I’m going to post one more thread.

  • What would be the proper way to remove the icon themes I decided not to use? Delete them from the icon folder?

  • @Grahf Well, if you use yaourt, you can uninstall them easily by uninstalling the “package” it came with, otherwise yes wherever it looks for icons just remove it. I would reference here my friend, it should get you well educated on what you’re doing :)

  • @n_mag Yeah I used yaourt to install them. I uninstall them I just did a search in Dolphin for the name of the theme. Then I opened terminal and did -rm -r “theme name” to remove them. Hope that’s OK. Not sure what else to do.

  • @Grahf I’m sure you’re fine, icon packs don’t break anything as far as I know

  • hi, am on antergos kde plasma 5 . kde not installed via cnchi, i installed it manually using yaourt … but the bug is IF I CHANGE ANY ICONS FROM KDE SETTINGS MENU IT DOESNT CHANGE IMMEDIATELY SOME ICONS CHANGE SOME DOESNT CHANGE and if i completely log out and log in back it changes. 😧 please folks is there any way to fix this ?

  • @Grahf no, no and no ;)

    If you use pacman (or yaourt) to install a package, you MUST use pacman (or yaourt) to uninstall it.

    You must not delete the files yourself.


    EDIT: I’ve edited the message to make myself clearer.

  • @karasu Right. It’s the safer way to go. You never can tell if deleting something would break dependencies.

  • @karasu yaourt is just a wrapper for pacman, and yaourt -R does the same thing as pacman -R. Do you perhaps have a reference to back what you are saying because I use yaourt for everything when I’m on an Antergos box, and pacman works just fine on any vanilla Arch box and they work the same except yaourt has more colors and works with the AUR.

  • @n_mag you’re correct. The problem was that @Grahf wasn’t using neither pacman nor yaourt. He was deleting the files.

    I’ll edit my post as I see now that I didn’t make myself clear. Thanks.


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