• Problems installing in Virtualbox in Debian Jessie

    Sorry if it’s not the right way to start a new thread, I am trying to not write in another user’s post. Copy what i wrote before: Thank you. I am too new to linux and i don’t know how to post everything i see that is needed. My main system is debian jessie, and the version of virtualbox that they use is 4.3.36, and it looks like something doesn’t work fine with antergos and the newer guest additions. I received some errors during installing, tried different desktops and options, finally could install cinnamon, but on first reboot couldn’t finish, received message see systemcl Virtualbox status service.service. I could avoid that by choosing LTS kernel, but as i didn’t know how to fix it permanently i tried gnome boxes and virt-manager and the latter is the one I’m using now. So far it’s working perfectly, i could finish installation the first try¡ Sorry the long post and bad English. Thanks a lot for all the answers that I’ve been reading lately and that were very helpful.

  • @jacdecoster So, are you getting guest-addition errors inside virtualbox or in Debian?

    • If it’s in the virtualbox, there’s a different guest-additions packages called virtualbox-guest-modules-arch which conflicts with virtualbox-guest-dkms and a package called virtualbox-guest-utils-nox (acceleration for non-xsession stuff) when you install it so you need to replace them
    • So I recommend installing that package and saying yes to deleting the dkms package as well as making sure virtualbox-guest-utils is installed.
      Make sure you have and updated system, then install everything, so this command should work for you on the Antergos guest system (you can use the yaourt command instead of pacman if you want, it’s more colorful :):
      • pacman -Syu virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-modules-arch
  • Thank you, I will try what you wrote. It has worked¡¡¡ now I have two antergos, one KDE and the new one Gnome.

  • @jacdecoster You’re welcome :), btw mark as solved buddy

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