• how to have a choice of lxqt?

    Hi all,
    I installed the latest antergos openbox as i assumed that would be used under lxqt anyway. I then installed all the lxqt components listed, official and aur, along with sddm. I changed .xinitric to include startlxqt. But when i reboot it goes straight to openbox. I can see many lxqt programs there that weren’t options earlier so i think i have a successful install. Can anyone tell me specifically what i need to do to boot directly into lxqt, or at least have the option to do so? Many thanks!

  • @billwx Hey! Have you enabled sddm.service in systemd?

  • if you came from Openbox, you must backup all Openbox configs, and remove te current openbox configs because it does not work proper with Lxqt !

    Ehmm, sddm or lxqt normally does not mather? openbox config interfere to combine with lxqt…

    openbox config hang in .config , end mosty with xml like rc.xml

  • Turns out i had selected at first (openbox) install to auto login without giving my user password, so it went strtaight into openbox. Once when i was away for awhile it logged me out. Eventually at the user login i saw the desktop options for both openbox and lxqt, selected lxqt, and went right in.

  • if you put ALT-F2 you dont have Krunner of lxqt, the GMRUN or whatever of openbox it wanna have, thats cause of openbox xml config further should be running

  • So ideally i should install a base Antergos then build LxQt onto it using pacman without Openbox or another DE?

  • not necessary, just know where to change , just rename the openbox folder in .config hidden map

  • @_plas_ that may be the problem. What’s the file i need to edit for that? Thx!

  • @billwx You don’t even need to edit files, you just only need to enable the sddm systemd service, but first you need to disable lightdm:

    sudo systemctl disable lightdm.service

    Then you can enable sddm:

    sudo systemctl enable sddm.service

    I think this would do the trick. If you need some more information about this topic you can check the arch wiki:

    I hope it will work! ;)

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