• KDE Browser dont have bluetooth audio

    Hi guys, i connected my thinkpad x220 (A.KDE) with my JBL GO bluetooth box and music and videos work well. However if I want to watch a Video online or listen to soundclod it doesnt work anymore. Only if i plug in my Spekers i can hear something, and i really need this abillity. Thank you for your answers

  • oh and i just noticed that nothing else works. only rhythmbox and the video player are able to use the box. Games on Steam and Browser cant do it.

  • This really sounds like something that’s probably problem with either a) pulseaudio or a+1) how phonon is configured.

    1. Bit less permanent: Try moving applications to the bluetooth device (with sound applet or kmix)

    2. Bit more permanent: Make sure that bluetooth speaker has the highest priority of all the audio devices in every category under phonon settings.

    That’s as far as ‘off the top of my head’ goes. If that doesn’t solve it, you’ll need to read a bit of documentation. For all of your your RTFM needs:

    Hope that helps.

  • @Tamius-Han hi tamius-han, thanks for your reply and your links. Unfourtunatly they didnt work, howerver after the newest Systemupdate it magically worked.

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