• Installing Antergos in VirtualBox

    Hi I’m trying to install Antergos in VirtualBox.
    The installation went fine, but it stops at the first boot just after ‘Reached target Graphical Interface’.
    So what to do?
    The host system is Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.
    I’m running VirtualBox version 5.1.2 r108956.

  • I have now tried to install Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and Manjaro Gnome. No problems at all.
    So it must be an Antergos problem.

  • Hi @Svante same problem from Qemu virttual ùachine with default options on virt-manager (and 2048 Mo Ram and 20Go qcow disk).

    error 237537 from Cnchi installer at the end, and many more little unsatble problems with cnchi: crashed one time, don’t show keyboard dialogbox stacked windows first, need to go back one step and go ahead to see the stacked window content). then also i was not able to just change the live medium langage/keyboard the easy GUI way… log out and never log in with dirty display manager view (can not read nothing, then can not select nothing and keyboard is not mine…).

    i wwas able to do it 8 month ago and many times on different support cmputers. seems to be a regression (don’t know why, maybe some new young guys in the team who loose the antergos reputation by never test things seriously before publish the release… or i don’ty know, but there is for sure a reason).

  • @jerome.scaph As I know virtualbox needs kernel additions like virtualbox-host-modules-arch
    You may try to install that and than give an other go for virtualbox?

  • @louis_1
    thank you for try to help me. I’m installing from Qemu, it not need that at all.

    so i have some good news and hope this will help other here.

    i downloaded the testing last release antergos x86_64 iso image and do install it for try.
    Than this one give me directly good result experience installation with cnchi and under Qemu virtual machine.

    hope this information would help other and will offer a great install experience. (testing release dated from 20 aout, downloaded from antergos official site on "testing tab then testing area and testing vertical tab selection for access this release)

    having fun and thank you for the team to correct the official one as soon as possible because antergos is a really good distribution.
    (jerome.scaph is also me…)

  • @Svante Stopped as in, just hangs or are you able to get to a tty (ctr + alt + F2)? If you can get to a tty let me know cuz it might be the virtualbox additions

    Make sure to read over this wiki for Arch: reference

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