• 2 problems: wifi (bcm4331) and mate-menu/mate-applet-streamer

    Hi again. I am sorry to bother but I have been trying on my own!
    Before I got problems with wifi I had 2 packages that could not update: mate-menu and mate-applet-streamer. These 2 packages have been i the way since.
    I few days ago I suddenly had problems with wifi. I changed driver from b43 to wl and got a faster connection. Problem solved I thought but today I noticed that even though it “looks” like I am connected I am not. I have changed back and back again. ifconfig, iwlist, ip link, doen´t show any errors. Very strange! The problem probably goes deeper than my knowledge.
    Please try to give an old man a hint!


  • @womp said in 2 problems: wifi (bcm4331) and mate-menu/mate-applet-streamer:

    …I had 2 packages that could not update: mate-menu and mate-applet-streamer…

    Can’t help you with Wi-Fi, because I never had a Broadcom hardware.

    As for 2 packages, it is almost “normal” that it’s impossible to upgrade them. Both were causing problems while Mate was upgraded to 1.14 a week ago in [commuity] repo. This is especially a case if [antergos] repo has a lower priority than [community].

    See this thread about mate-applet-streamer and this one about mate-menu related problems.

    Briefly, both packages must be removed to upgrade Mate to 1.14. Pay attention that the command is not going to remove other packages needed by Mate:

    sudo pacman -Rc mate-menu mate-applet-streamer

    mate-menu from [community] may be easily substituted by mate-mint-menu from [antergos] repo. The latter works perfectly now.

    Unfortunately, mate-applet-streamer/community currently has no substitutes. We need to use less convenient ways to listen to online radio in Mate.

    Good luck.

  • @just
    I thank you for your reply! First time this happens to me actually! Now I know how to fix that problem!


  • @womp You’re welcome. We old men should help each other ;) .

    Thanks to your question about mate-applet-streamer I recalled about the good old radiotray from Gnome 2 age.

    yaourt -S radiotray

    It works and integrates with Mate 1.14 very well. It’s more than a decent substitute for mate-applet-streamer. I think that I’ll continue to use radiotray even when mate-applet-streamer will work again.


  • @Jeannie__ said in 2 problems: wifi (bcm4331) and mate-menu/mate-applet-streamer:

    Radiotray is a good replacement…

    Oops :) Your post arrived while I was finishing to write the reply to @womp . We got the same idea at the same moment :) .

  • I thank you very much for this! I will look into it as soon I as can get connected !! (Writing from a 10 year old HP-desktop computer with an “improvised-trial-and-error” Openbox)


  • Hallo again!
    I have been reading and trying a few solutions or wifi. I did a very drastic rebuild of the whole network on this computer but it didnt solve the problem that I get connected but I can´t do anything on the net. No surf or email. Very strange and I got very tired so I did let this computer (mbp 8,1) rest for 2! days. Today I tried again and now it works fine! I guess it needed the rest! Anyway problem solved (by it self).
    Now I am going to check out the tips and hints for Mate! Thank you guys!


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