• Updated system now unbootable, black screen

    Last night I had 14 updates available for my system, I did them as I normally did (didn’t really pay any attention to what was being updated) and it went through, a prompt came up that certain files couldn’t be found,the only one I recall was libc.so and that might even be wrong

    I closed the prompt and actually noticed things were misbehaving a bit so restart the computer, GRUB comes up without issue but when the system tries to boot I get some network errors that always happen and then just a plain black screen.

    Not 100% certain what is going on, I do have VGA passthrough set-up for a gaming Windows VM and am using the proprietarey Nvidia diriver,though I don’t think that is what is causing the issue. I have been able to load up my system with just the command line, can’t remember the specific kernal parameter now and using journalctl --boot=-1 (I let the system boot then restarted into the command line) it looks like the error before everything goes belly up is the following lines:

    libvirtd[445]: unsupported configuration: cannot fine logical volume group name ‘windows_gaming’
    libvirtd[445]: internal error: Failed to autostart storage pool ‘windows_vm’: unsupported configuration: cannot find logical volume group name ‘windows_gaming’
    libvirtd[445]: cannot open directory ‘/home/richard/OldCompStuff/Stuff 3’: no such file or directory
    libvirtd[445]: internal error: Failed to autostart storage pool ‘Stuff 3’

    Also a few lines after that systemd-coredump reports: Process 570 (cinnamon-sessio) of user 1000 dumped core.

    Not sure if those lvm’s are causing the issue but the odd thing is I no longer use them anymore, when I was getting things set-up I believe I set-up a lvm called windows_gaming but I abandoned that idea and just have a partition with a qcow file on it. I was fairly certain that I removed the lvm I created. Also that directory used to contain my old HDD’s from my old Windows set-up which is no longer present.

    /etc/fstab is not trying to mount any of those locations so I wander if libvirt updated and this new version doesn’t like something I did before that has managed to persist, toruble is I have no idea where to start looking, lvdisplay has no entries in it. I also tried pvdisplay and vgdisplay but they all returned nothing.

    Thanks for any help

  • An update, after some searching I was able to remove the libvirt errors, I had to use
    virsh --pool-undefine <image_name>
    and now those errors have stopped showing up, I still get a error from libvirtd: Internal error:Failed to find path for dmidecode binary but I don’t think this is causing things to fail.

    Looking further down through the log the next red section pertains to cinnamon-sessio process doing a core dump, I don’t really understand the stack trace but there is the line #0 0x00007fd53a61404f raise (libc.so.6) and that libc.so is where I thought I saw the error when I did the update.

    Looking through the pacman logs I can see that one of the packages updated was linux itself, from version 4.6.4-1 to 4.7-1 and I reckon that is where the issue lies.

    I will post again once I have solved this

  • It turned out that I had to re-install the Nvidia drivers so in the end quite simple. I downloaded the drivers direct from Nvidia and re-installed them and now working again without issue.

    I always had issue using the Nvidia drivers from Pacman, though reckon in this instance custom installing them is what caused my problems to begin with.

    Hope this helps someone else.

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