• AUR files/packages does not update

    AUR files/packages does not update, what to do. Thanks.

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  • Can you help me please?

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  • @valentinos.antoniou

    yaourt -Syyua --force


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  • @Wyn Hello friend thank you for reply but i wrote this command on terminal and stuck to (“Pacman is currently in use, please wait”) for hours like a photo 0_1471947996310_Στιγμιότυπο από 2016-08-23 13-22-56.png without doing anything. Any suggestion, thank you in advance.

  • @valentinos.antoniou said i

    “Pacman is currently in use, please wait”

    This is because an updater (pamac or gnome-softwaew if you installed it) are in progress and pacman is busy. Did you run the command a little after you turned on the pc? If yes, then pamac started looking for updates, too. So, let pamac give you all updates first, close it and then run the terminal command.

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