• Cnchi disappears after system check screen

    I have a Dell 2950 that I am trying to install the Antergos ISO onto (downloaded 2 days ago). I have used this USB on 2 other computers without issue.

    After I start the installer, I basically select the language, the system check screen is shown, and then I press the “>” button… and Cnchi just disappears. Is there any way to see any type of logging? Or has anyone run into this?

    Thank you.

  • @dnichk said in Cnchi disappears after system check screen:

    …Is there any way to see any type of logging?..

    Yes, there is. It’s the /tmp/cnchi.log file.

  • I am having a similar problem. Mine dissapears after choosing a DM. I’m using the latest minimal iso.

  • Check your DNS settings. That is what my issue turned out to be. I had no name resolution working (but had connectivity). I had never thought to check that because the Cnchi installer had updated itself, so I thought my base connectivity was ok. As soon as I added DNS to my resolv.conf, I was good to go.

    It could be cool if the installer ran a basic connectivity and resolution test. Just a thought.


  • Adding DNS to resolv.conf changes nothing - Cnchi repeat disappering after choosing DM. Previous installations a month ago successful.

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