I’ve been having a bit of trouble with getting Antergos to keep my 2nd monitor to it’s resolution of 1280x1024.

I’ve managed before to get Nvidia X Server to force it into the correct resolution although this was always reset back to 1024x768 on next boot.

Since logging out yesterday suddenly defaulted the screen to 640x480 with no other options. Display settings

I can use Nvidia X Server to force viewportin to 1280x1024 although that doesn’t fix my problem as I cant Viewport out to match it as that stays at 640x480 which doesn’t help at all as the display area is still 640x480.

I had a similar issue with linux mint although I never fixed that as I changed to this OS a few days later.

Also I apologise in advanced but I don’t have alot of experience with antergos or arch as a whole. I’ve recently had a big interest in linux so I installed antergos as a second OS to learn how to use Linux.