• Lghtdm vs GDM

    First of all thanks for a great distro!

    But why does it ship with lightdm and gnome when the to of them don’t work together?
    Why not ship Gnome with GDM? (So people get a better impression).

  • @izznogooood , hi
    For most of the cases there is no issue with lightDM+Gnome. The advice is that if someone experiences any hardware-related issue to switch to GDM.
    You have also to take into account (apart from it being a grey,inconfigurable ugliness) the fact that Gnome developers have decided that GDM should run TWO instances, one used for switching users, adding an extra 100-150- mbs extra weight, making it almost as heavy as…Unity. You don t need it, they don t care, that s it.
    As far as Antergos is concerned, devs should stick to one, unified DM supporting all its flavors and…it s bloody beautifullll!👍

  • beautifullll! is in the eye of the beholder ;), but point taken!

    I prefer the simple butt ugly grey (except the few extra seconds).
    (I also love unity :). This is the first time I’ve installed Antergos and made an effort to make it work for me (Mostly gnome3).

    looks like I’m moving from ubuntu, alot has happened since i started experimenting with Antergos this winter… Good work.

  • Me gusta GDM por que es feo y simple, LightDM siempre con problemas, aunque solucionables, claro.-

  • Lightdm works best with the diversity of DE’s we support 👍 .

  • I always had problems with Lightdm with Cinnamon or KDE. I just installed Gnome last month for the first time and switched over to GDM. Now my power settings always work.

    Antergos has come a long way. It has become rock solid distro. :)

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