• why is there a minimum user id of 1000 in /etc/lightdm/users.conf?

    This causes problems if you want to dual boot Antergos and Mac OS X: in order to be able to access your home directory in OS X from Linux, you have to have the same user ID number as in OS X. OS X uses user IDs like 502, 503, etc.

    With minimum UID set to 1000, a user with a 50X ID can’t log in using lightdm. Will I break anything if I decrease this to 500 and create a Linux user with ID 502?

    (I know there are other ways to access the files in the OS X partition from Linux, but in many years of using OS X and Linux, I have found it is most convenient to just give the Linux and Mac users the same name and ID number.)

  • Hi, In linux UID’s less than 1000 are reserved for system users. If you change the minimum UID shown on the login screen then you will have a pretty long list of users showing up. I think it would probably be better to create a new user on your MAC that has a UID of 1000 (though I admit I have no idea if that’s possible…though in theory it should be).


  • Most of the media on my mac is buried in User 502’s home directory. Oddly, OS X allows anyone to view a user’s home directory but has restrictive permissions on directories like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music. Considering how kludgy and easily broken Mac OS X has always been, I try not to do anything too funky. (Having to do things like “Repairing Permissions” is absurd.) Don’t know why I keep OS X around, but then it is so good looking… I can live with a little clutter in the lightdm.

  • You should be able to get the result you want by created the following file and adjusting it as necessary:


    # User accounts configuration
    # NOTE: If you have AccountsService installed on your system, then LightDM will
    # use this instead and these settings will be ignored
    # minimum-uid = Minimum UID required to be shown in greeter
    # hidden-users = Users that are not shown to the user
    # hidden-shells = Shells that indicate a user cannot login
    hidden-users=nobody nobody4 noaccess
    hidden-shells=/bin/false /usr/bin/nologin
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