• Using either Antergos or Debian on a work PC

    Hello community!
    Apologizes if I have posted incorrectly
    So I have a little dilemma, I am wanting to switch to Linux on my work laptop but I am unsure of which distro to run with, the two are Debian or Antergos.

    So my main application will be KVM to virtualise any windows items I may need which to be honest is not a lot.

    I know you maybe a bit biased here but what can you recommend for KVM? I know arch can be stable if your careful but would it be useful for such an environment?


  • Antergos IMHO is very stable, but if you’re worried about system having issues from time to time and can’t wait for fixes, I would go with pure debian stable, and when I say pure debian Stable I mean no installing backports or software from unofficial repositories and no messing with your system, good luck!

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  • @metaldude
    Sorry about slow reply, I tried debian and sure its stable and I’m not super bothered about new features, but I don’t like the idea of updating the system, too worried about breakage.

  • What about something in between like

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  • @droidie626 There isn’t any issue with using a rolling release platform in a work environment. Just be sure to only update when you have the time for it, or do it once a week at a time you know is free.

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