• KDE user seeking recommendation on Gnome 3 + Cinnamon setup

    Hi all, as the title says I’m a (long-time) KDE user, and I’m looking into several different other desktop environments, among which Gnome 3 and Cinnamon. Now I want to install Antergos on another box (with plenty disk space for several OS) and want both G3 and Cin on there, but as I don’t fully understand their relationship yet I’m not sure if and if so how the two would affect each other’s configurations.

    The way I see it, I’ve got two options:

    • One Antergos installation with both environments installed
    • Two Antergos installations, one with Gnome, one with Cinnamon

    Which of these two would be the recommended way of achieving this?

  • The recommended way is the second option. So that different libraries don t get mixed up.
    However, another option is having different DE options in one system but using a different user for each one.
    Personally, just to find out myself, I have been using a multiple DE (Gnome, KDE, Budgie)) system in one of my machines, with no issues so far…

  • Thanks anarch, that helps a lot.
    As the box is meant to temporarily replace my dad’s computer and he’s the worst possible user you could think of, I think I’ll stick to your recommendation and install Antergos twice and keep things separated.

  • @ReemZ , you re welcome!👍

  • @Jeannie__ It’s meant as a temporary replacement for my dad, so he has a machine to work with while I clean up his malware infested almost-upgraded-me-to-Windows-10-without-me-telling-it-to box in my own time (which’ll likely be a matter of nuke and clean install).
    I don’t feel like having to try and “fix it” in only a few hours while I’m at my parents’ place some 60 km away.
    When there, I wanna spend time with them, not their machines.
    Also, I want to take this opportunity to make him open his welded-shut eyes to other operating systems, as he doesn’t want me doing anything to his computer as “it works, doesn’t it?” and he hates trying anything new, he’d probably still run DOS if he could, so multibooting his good old trusty Windows with that weird, magical Linux is not an option. Kinda hoping that before I even return his own machine he’ll tell me he can actually “work with this Linux thing” and he’ll finally let me install it on his box ;)
    I do want to give him options though, something “similar to Windows” but not as similar to it (read: as buggy and increasingly locked down) as KDE, and something completely different (Gnome 3) just to open his bloody eyes.
    Cinnamon will be the primary choice though to keep things simple and reasonably familiar for him.

    Thank fuck he stopped using Outlook years ago…

  • @Jeannie__ Hence: Cinnamon will be the primary choice… ;)
    I have no illusions he’ll even look at G3 but I want a backup system in case the primary fails for whatever reason, and I wanna (be able to) show him what else is there.
    Personally I hate Gnome but I can’t really see him look at Openbox and be interested…

  • Hmm, no idea why, but for some reason the second install wouldn’t behave, the graphical part just does not want to play nice.
    Primary install’s fine, so he’ll have to make do with a single-boot system ;)
    Now let’s just hope he finds it easy enough to use while I take my time fixing his winblows…

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