Users complain they miss Linux partitions after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary update. On both social media and Linux related forums users post that the Windows 10 update removed partitions from their system without asking.

I moved away from Windows a few years back. I have never really seen a need to utilize it other than through Virtualbox if I really desperately needed to.

So here’s a really good reason to think about your reasons for having a dual boot with MS as part of a dual boot system. However, in having said that there might be a way or method for all you users who still dual boot Windows with Linux/GNU OS.
You can read the article here:

link to article

The other (extreme) solution of course is to do what myself and probably countless others have done with Windows.
Remove it!

This way you avoid having an OS and it’s corporate owners go against your own wishes, sensibilities, rights/privileges without you even having a word expressing your disagreement about it.