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    After using Manjaro xfce for a couple of motnhs, I experienced numerous issues. Not so with Antergos. The Antergos installer is a weakness, however, the system has been stable and a very satisfactory experience for the past month that I have been using it. Hopefully it will remain on my HD along with Debian xfce. My complements to all who have made this distro so solid and polished.


  • @bushpilot I’d second the stability aspect for sure, minus the installer flaws I’ve experienced in the past which are gone now from my experience! Even if I tried, I don’t see any reason to leave Arch/Antergos… I feel like it’s a statement to how stable Linux can be and still be rolling and up-to-date with upstream. I will say though, gaming overall isn’t quite there yet so-to-speak but it’s definitely getting there with Vulkan and such :).

    The guy who runs Jupiter Broadcasting Network has a ton of Arch systems and always praises Arch/Antergos.

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