• package file update installation. . . . problems.

    I’ve got 59 files to update this morning. Can’t get them to install. System locks up and says files exist in file system. I’ve tried
    software updater, octopi, pacman all with the same results. . . . refuses to install files after downloading latest versions. . . what gives? How do I fix this? I’ve used Yaourt-gui to clear files cache and to update and backup files. Nothing seems to work. . . any help would be appreciated. . .without totally breaking the system. . .


  • @rich52

    Openimageio and opensubdiv were both removed from file system including any apps that required either one of them. (i.e. luxrender was removed because of the openimaggeio which wouldn’t upgrade properly.) The rest of the updated files were properly installed via process of elimination until I found the 2 offending file culprits.

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