• No connection to wifi on bcm 4311 macbookpro 8,1

    I am still a newbie but my system has been running well for almost a year now!
    Since a couple of days I can not connect to internet through wireless.
    The driver is b43 and I am on LTS kernel. dmesg | grep b43 gives a warning that 5Ghz is unsupported. No error messages what I can find. Interface seems to be working but I cant connect.
    Anyone else with the same problem? (couldnt find anything really similar)

  • @womp
    Well I give myselt an answer. I managed to get a hold of a wired connection and had a 1G update! After a reboot wireless works again! I haven´t had many problems with Antergos on this mbp!
    I have a question though: is the broadcom-wl driver faster than b43? I am on a 100/100 line and get about 35mb/s with b43.
    Otherwise this solved itself!

  • @womp Well it took some effort but so far it was worth it! With b43 I had a connection at 36mb/s and now with broadcom-wl I get 144mb/s!

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