• Cant Click Icons in System Tray

    Hello! Im completely new to antergos and my only linux experience is a few months of mint several years ago, so im an extreme noob here. I pretty much got my system setup exactly how I like it and everything is great! My only problem is the system tray (the notification area to the bottom right next to the clock.

    NONE of the items are clickable! I can click the default KDE icons like volume and network no problem, but ANY icon put there by an app, does not work. These include diwscord canary, new skype for linux alpha, remmina, antimicro, pacman-tray and VLC. When i click on them it looks like a tiny grey item flashes for a split second and disappears. This is especially annoying because several of the applications (antimicro and remmina) hide down in the tray and cannot be reopened from the application launcher. The only way to reopen one of those apps after I close them is to open the system monitor and end the process which is very time consume and adds a million clicks to my workflow.

    This is a pretty minor gripe but its really the only problem ive had so far coming into this as a complete noob. Any help you could give me would be great, thanks!!

  • Have you tried right click, left click and middle click just for the heck of it?

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