• Antergos, first Linux distro I am in love with.

    I have tried multiple distros in the past, none really appealed to me (maybe too lazy to learn Linux back then)
    So I installed antergos about 3 months ago, and still running great for me, although I came across some problems they were “easily” fixed by reading the arch wiki. Thanks to everyone who made this distro so great!

  • @Irakli great to here! If you’re down for it I’d experiment with installing Arch vanilla a few times if you haven’t. It’s an excellent learning experience about the system Antergos is based on. Antergos and Arch are essentially the same where Antergos has it’s extra repo and an installer which is nice but you don’t learn much about Linux and Arch that way.

  • I can`t resist to reply on this post. I was using ubuntu for a few years, and had some bad experience, not just with the distro but the moderators on askubuntu as well.
    All I can say I simply fell in love with this distro for the first sight. Probably I will stay with it and learn as much as I can about arch/antegros. First time I heard about this distro was on Linux Action Show, where Chris was talking about the great community and the excellent documentation (when I googled up any bug I ended up on the arch wiki. :D )
    I just want to say thank you for all who is involved. Keep up the good work!
    I am considering more donation in future as I can, and definitely will report bugs and help testing.
    Have a nice weekend folks!

  • @Irakli OMG it´s Richard Stallman!

  • it seems we all have a good taste… :)

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