• Nouveau problems

    Hello, I’m having problems with nouveau. I’m more or less a novice in linux and my plan was to do a GPU passthrough, with a nvidia 8600GT being the host card for linux and a RX 480 being the guest card for the VM.

    First off, my configuration:
    ASRock 970m Pro3 Motherboard (no UEFI; legacy boot)
    AMD FX 6300 (IOMMU / virtualization ON)
    16GB of DDR3 1600
    Radeon RX 480 in the first PCIe x16 slot
    GeForce 8600 GT in second PCIe x16 (actually x4) slot.

    The Issues start with the graphical interface being unable to launch, unless I use kernel 4.7. I had to remove the geforce from the system to complete the installation. With kernel 4.7 installed, only the 480 displays anything. No output from the geforce.
    I then tried disabling the amdgpu driver module via blacklist in modprobe.d and also by using pci-stub. The card was shown using the pci-stub module when I typed in “lspci -nnk”.
    Still, the only output I get is from the 480, text mode. Noting at all from the geforce. The boot screen stops at “[OK] Reached Target Graphical Interface” and then “proceeds” to stay there.

    Does anybody know what could be the problem here? Maybe the fact that the host card is in the second slot? I cannot swap them around, because it’s physically impossible. Is the geforce maybe too old, or is there an incompatibility preventing me from using AMD/NV hardware at the same time? Would it work when I use for example a Radeon HD 5450? Is it maybe because I need to tell that the geforce is now the default #1 card to use, as it’s still outputting the boot/GRUB to the display on the RX 480?

  • @Bafford I don’t think you can have both brands of cards in the same system. They use fundamentally different drivers and for either one to work, the others must be blacklisted from what I understand.

  • @n_mag Hello, thanks for your suggestion, but sadly this isn’t really possible, as there’s no driver in the system that I could blacklist. I’m using 4.6, but RX 480 support is added in 4.7. It’s running in software Vesa as far as I understand, also the 480 is in the first slot of the system, aka it always boots on this card. Everything is displayed on the screen connected to the 480, even when I disable it with pci-stub. But I need it to disregard the 480 and use the GeForce card as the main card.

    Best regards,


  • @Bafford This article seems like a good start: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=127789

    I’ll post more if I find a better one. I think there needs to be some good xorg.conf file written to make sure everything is divvied out correctly.

  • I think we’re on the right track with Xorg. I checked the Xorg log file, and yes, it seems to crash after what I think is accessing nouveau. Segmentation fault at address 0ха0, also “Caught signal 11”… I’m going to post the full file, because I only got a quick look at it.

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